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About Kyler Farnan, OD

Dr. Farnan received his undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri in Columbia. He then attended the University of Missouri at the St. Louis School of Optometry. He believes the sense of sight is one of our most powerful and important senses, and finds it rewarding to be able to enhance a patient’s vision, as well as, access their overall health. Dr. Farnan conducts vision exams, prescribes eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions, and treats corneal abrasions, pinkeye, and dry eye. 


Dr. Farnan grew up in Stanberry, Missouri. As a child, he would spend time in his father’s optical shop which planted the seed for him to become an Optometrist. 

Along with being a big fan of the Kansa City Chiefs, Dr. Farnan also enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, and spending the day at the beach - which is easy, with Dr. Farnan living in the North Beach section of Miami.


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