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Whether you prefer a subtle metal pair that you can take on and off or a bold plastic pair that makes a fashion statement, glasses are a great way to correct your vision and protect your eyes. At Beraja Medical Institute in Coral Gables, Florida, the team provides eye exams to make sure your prescription is accurate and a wide selection of stylish frames for you to choose from. To get your new pair, call Beraja Medical Institute or request an appointment online today

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Glasses Q & A

What are glasses?

Glasses are a common type of eyewear that you can get at Beraja Medical Institute to give you clear vision. Each pair of glasses consists of these two parts:


The lenses are designed according to your prescription: They’re the parts of the glasses that you can see through, and there are two of them (one for each eye). The lenses can be concave to correct nearsightedness, convex to correct farsightedness, or cylindrical to correct astigmatism.


The frames are the part of your glasses that you get to choose based on your style. You can select a pair from the wide selection of shapes, colors, and brands available at Beraja Medical Institute. Some are metal, some are plastic, and others include both materials. 

What can glasses treat?

Glasses can treat several problems with your vision that make it harder for you to read signs, read books, drive, and perform other tasks. Your provider at Beraja Medical Institute may recommend glasses as an option for treating:

Hyperopia (farsightedness)

You have hyperopia if you have difficulty seeing objects and reading words that are close to you. 

Myopia (nearsightedness)

You have myopia if you have trouble seeing things clearly from a distance.


Astigmatism is the result of an unusually shaped cornea. If you have astigmatism, your vision is blurry at any distance.


Presbyopia is an age-related development that makes it harder to focus your eyes on objects that are close to you.

What are the benefits of choosing glasses over contact lenses?

If you have vision problems, your optometrist or ophthalmologist may give you the option between glasses and contact lenses. Both devices can correct your vision, and they have separate benefits. You might choose glasses because:

  • You can easily take them on and off

  • They don’t require you to touch your eye

  • They protect your eyes from dust

  • They protect against UV rays

  • You can use them to express your style


Glasses are a great option if you have a light prescription that doesn’t require you to wear corrective eyewear at all times. You can easily remove them if you need to, and it’s easy to get your prescription changed while keeping the same frames.

If you’re interested in getting glasses to sharpen your vision, call Beraja Medical Institute to request an appointment or book online today.

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