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Botox Treatment


If your face is starting to look hollow and your skin is becoming loose, fillers are a reliable and long-lasting cosmetic solution. At Beraja Medical Institute in Coral Gables, Florida, the team uses high-end fillers to reduce wrinkles, scars, indents, and more. To discover a renewed facial appearance with dermal fillers, call Beraja Medical Institute, or request an appointment online today.

Fillers Q & A

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are a great way to fight signs of aging. They’re a minimally invasive injectable cosmetic treatment you can use to fight some of the volume loss and skin laxity that develops as you age. 

The team at Beraja Medical Institute uses Restylane®, a top-of-the-line filler brand that uses a hyaluronic acid gel to hold volume beneath your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating gel you can find naturally in your body in areas that need constant lubrication, like your eyes, joints, and connective tissues. 

What can fillers do?

There are many small alterations that dermal fillers can make to your appearance. Your provider at Beraja Medical Institute helps you define your goals and point out features you’d like to target with filler injections. You can:

  • Plump your lips

  • Reduce the wrinkles on your lips

  • Smooth your smile lines

  • Smooth your marionette lines

  • Restore plumpness to your cheeks

  • Add volume to your temples

  • Smooth your chin crease

  • Diminish indented scars

  • Improve the symmetry of your face

With Restylane fillers, you can expect your results to last for an average of nine months in total. You can talk to the team at Beraja Medical Institute about getting fillers regularly to keep the results looking fresh.

How should I prepare for my filler appointment?

There isn’t much you need to do to prepare yourself for a few filler injections. You need to attend a brief consultation with your provider to make sure fillers are the right choice of treatment for you, and you’re a good candidate. If they decide you can safely go ahead with the treatment, they may suggest you stop taking blood-thinning medications like aspirin and ibuprofen for 4-5 days before your injections. Doing this minimizes your chances of bruising after the procedure.

How should I care for my skin after getting fillers?

You can go home or back to work right away after your injections. You should protect your skin from the sun and any other sources of extreme heat as it heals from the injections, and you should avoid touching or rubbing your skin for at least six hours.

A bit of redness and swelling is normal after getting dermal fillers. To reduce the redness, you can gently apply a cold compress to your face for 15 minutes at a time once every 2-3 hours until it goes away.

To find out how dermal fillers can improve your image and boost your self-esteem, call Beraja Medical Institute or request an appointment online today.

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