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Do you have Color Spots on the eyes?

Spots on the eyes? We tell you what they mean by their color.

A yellow spot on the eye may be associated with the pinguecula, a deposit of protein, fat, or calcium. Pterigion is a growth of fleshy tissue (composed of blood vessels) that can begin as a pinguecula. It can remain small or grow to a size large enough to cover part of the cornea. When this happens, it can affect your vision

A white or opaque spot on the eye is a defect that appears in the eye and could be associated with an eye tumor, corneal ulcer, or uveitis. If you detect a stain like this, it's important to visit an ophthalmologist.

A brown stain is a defect that usually appears in the iris and it might be associated with eye melanoma; the latter is known as a freckle or mole of the eye and although it does not represent an emergency, it is important to have periodic examinations to monitor it, as they can become a melanoma.

A red or pink spot in the eye is a defect that appears in the eye, usually from a blood leak and may be associated with subconjunctival hemorrhage that is generally harmless and usually heals on its own.

If in doubt, call us and make your appointment with one of our ophthalmologists at Beraja Medical Institute

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