Fernando Hidalgo

Profession: TV Show: The Fernando Show

Surgery: Facelift Surgery

I highly recommend Beraja Medical Institute without reservations. Thank you!


Lucy Pereda

Profession: TV Talk Show Host

Surgery: CLEAR Surgery

I recommend Beraja Medical Institute, from the bottom of my heart. It’s an impeccable Institute.


Lourdes Ruiz Toledo

Profession: TV & Radio Anchor

Surgery: CLEAR Surgery

If you have any eye problems I want to recommend The Beraja Medical Institute. I no longer wear glasses!


Yiki Quintana

Profession: Spanish Sportscaster – Los Marlins

Surgery: Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

At Beraja Medical Institute you get experience, safety, and the latest surgical techniques. Tell them I recommended you!


Yelenis Reina

Profession: News Anchor

Surgery: Flapless Laser Surgery

I can see clear!


BMI - Testimonial

Jose Garcia

Surgery: Cataract Surgery, Open Angle Glaucoma Surgery

I want to extend my gratitude for the cataract surgery I had performed in my left eye. That eye had significant damage due to glaucoma. However in spite of that situation, my doctor always tried to give me more vision in that eye. I am forever grateful and I want to mention that every time that I have an opportunity I won’t stop recommending them to everyone who has an eye problem and may need their services. My gratitude is for my doctor and for the entire staff.

Thank you very much to everyone!

BMI - Testimonial

Margarita Martinez

Surgery: Custom Laser Cataract and Astigmatism Surgery

When a person needs medical attention, and especially when dealing with one’s vision, I have the personal satisfaction of having found dignity, respect, and love.

This message is for all the human warmth that my doctor and his team had for me. Here everyone is very educated, from the first to the last staff. Everything that I can evaluate is excellent without reservations.

Elinda Rodriguez

Surgery: Plastic Surgery

Since I had my first appointment with BMI the professionalism of the entire staff was evident. All the process of my treatment was clearly explained and I always have been agreed with the Doctors decisions about my eye care.

Emma Ramos Travieso

Surgery: Plastic Surgery

From the first contact from the receptionist staff, to the technicians who showed kindness and professional care through out the appointment, you people are an excellent Institute

Cesar P. Pena

Surgery: Plastic Surgery

I would like to thank the technician for her professionalism. She was extremely nice and informative. disappeared. I feel well and Happy!

Yrma G Mato

Surgery: Plastic Surgery

This was a good experience from beginning to end.

Benigno Cuetara

Surgery: Plastic Surgery

For several months I was suffering discomfort in my eyes, burning, itching, tearing, red eyes, etc. In the first visit I had in Beraja Medical Institute, they gave me a solution. The symptoms disappeared. I feel well and Happy!

Pedro Vila

Surgery: Plastic Surgery

Doctors were outstanding! I would recommend the Beraja Medical Institute without question. Thank you and keep up the excellent work.

Elvia Gracia

Surgery: Plastic Surgery

The day of my surgery the nurses and technicians were extremely attentive and went the “extra mile” to make me comfortable. I would recommend the Beraja Medical Institute.

Miguel Rodriguez Savigne

Surgery: Plastic Surgery

Everyone from the time I called to make my appointment were very polite and courteous. Upon my arrival, the technician was professional and made me feel at ease. The patient care area was clean and comfortable.

If you have any questions, call us. We are here to help!

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