LASIK and Flapless Laser Surgery

Are you 18-40 years of age and would like to see the world without depending on glasses or contacts?

If you answered “Yes” you may be a candidate for this technology

What is Laser Vision Correction Surgery?

Laser In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery requires cutting and lifting a flap on the cornea (the front of the eye). Initial work in this procedure began over fifty years ago. Over thirty years ago the flap was made with a microblade and more recently with a femto laser set to lift the top 20% of the cornea. The flap is then lifted and a cool laser beam reshapes the inner portion of the cornea to improve vision. Once this portion is completed, the flap is repositioned to cover the treated area. Most of the complications seen are due to the flap. These include excessive dryness, as well as wrinkling, displacement, and incorrect healing under the flap.

Flapless Laser Vision Correction Surgery was developed to overcome LASIK’s shortcomings. It does not require cutting the cornea because the treatment is applied on the surface. The benefits are less dry eyes, better night vision, and none of the complications seen with the flap. Flapless Laser Vision Correction Surgery is also the best choice for many patients who have already undergone LASIK and need an enhancement or those who were once told that they were not LASIK candidates.

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The three types of cases Laser Vision Correction Surgery can correct

You may be a candidate for any of these three



Also known as nearsightedness, Myopia entails that only near images are in focus, so you will need glasses or contacts to see at a distance. After you turn 40 years of age, you will develop presbyopia and also need bifocals to see near images.



Commonly called farsightedness, hyperopia entails that without glasses you will see better at a distance than up close even though at a distance, images still might not be crisp. You will notice your vision decreasing in your late 30’s as you develop presbyopia.



The cornea (front part of the eye) is an oval shape causing vision to be distorted at all distances.

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LASIK and LASEK Surgery

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Using the custom wavefront analyzer we can identify and treat small irregularities of the cornea, which cannot be identified by other means and perform a truly customized treatment. Our meticulous attention to detail account for our great results.

Approximately 98% of patients who undergo Laser Vision Correction will not depend on their glasses or contacts.

If you have been told in the past that you were not a candidate for this operation, you may benefit from an Internal Contact Lens (ICL).

If you are over 40 years of age, you may already have presbyopia, also known as tired vision. If this is your case, then a Laser CLEAR Surgery with a 3-Distance Multifocal Implant may be your best option.

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Am I a Candidate?

You may be a candidate if you are between 18 and 40 years of age and you are tired of depending on your glasses or contacts to do your daily activities such as driving, reading, using your cell phone, swimming, or any other activity.

During your exam we will determine if there are any eye diseases which may preclude you from having this surgery. We will also let you know if your degree of nearsightedness is best corrected with Custom Flapless Laser Vision Correction Surgery, an Internal Contact Lens (ICL) or a Laser CLEAR Surgery with a 3-Distance Multifocal Implant.

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Before the Operation

Before we take your eye measurements you must remove your soft contact lenses for 3 days and your hard contact lenses for 4 weeks.

Do not stop taking aspirin or blood thinners. Come to the surgery center without having breakfast at the designated time. Make arrangements for someone to take you back home after the surgery since you will not be able to drive.

Fill all prescriptions so you can begin using them as indicated.


The Procedure

LASIK: A flap is created by cutting a thin layer of the cornea (the front of the eye) with a microblade or a femtolaser. The flap is then raised and your prescription inscribed in the cornea with a cool excimer laser. The flap is repositioned without sutures.

Flapless Laser Vision Correction Surgery: Also known as Advanced Surface Ablation, LASEK, or EpiLASEK, is less invasive. The superficial corneal layer is removed and your prescription inscribed in the cornea with a cool excimer laser. A soft contact lens without a prescription is placed on the eye after the procedure so you can blink while the epithelium regenerates. The epithelium regenerates in about 24-48 hours. The contact lens is removed at the Institute 4-5 days later.

Have surgery and use your new vision the same day!


After Your Operation

You can resume most of the activities the next day. Avoid swimming in pools, the ocean, doing gardening, and construction work for two weeks. After this period you can return to all your normal activities.

Apply all the drops as recommended.

If you experience blurred vision or sensitivity to light, they will diminish gradually with each day.

The day after the surgery please remain at home so we can contact you. Do not miss your post-op appointment and feel free to call us for any reason if you need to see us earlier.


Insurance Coverage

Laser Vision Correction Surgery is not covered by insurances. We accept credit cards, checks, cash, and have different financing options for every budget to help you see better!