One of my patients came to my office last summer and told me that she cannot deal with bulling any more. Since she was a little girl she had been bullied by her classmates and even today, in her fifties, she is still experiencing bullying from friends and neighbors. I understand what you mean, I said, you are not the only patient that has come to my office with this complaint. A lot of people suffer in silence day by day due to bullying from friends and co-workers. They have an eye with misalignment, in other words, what people called “crossed eyes” or “lazy eye”. This problem, we ophthalmologists called strabismus. This means that the muscles cannot work together and sometimes they can have double vision.

For my patient, she feels happy that in the Beraja Medical Institute we can offer a surgery to correct her strabismus. Now her self-steam is improving and she is content with her new appearance. In her case she didn’t have a good vision in that eye, but some of my patients with strabismus and double vision get a relief on this symptom after the surgery. If you have one or your friends or relatives that might have one of those symptoms, invite them for evaluation with me Dr. Margarita Cardenas at the Beraja Medical Institute


Dr. Margarita R. Cardenas

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Dr. Margarita Cardenas
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