Dry Eyes

Do you have to blink to see better?

Do your eyes burn, tear, or itch?

If you answered “Yes” you may have dry eyes.

Dry Eyes can irritate your eyes and affect your vision.

Tears lubricate and keep the eyes clean and fresh. A healthy tear film is important to have good vision. Dry Eyes occur when your eyes can’t produce enough tears or when the tears evaporate too rapidly as is seen in patients with ectropion. Some patients with Dry Eyes have itchy, scratchy, irritated, gritty, or burning eyes as seen in Allergic Conjunctivitis. Others have a foreign body sensation, tearing, and even blurred vision. Dry Eyes are a common chronic problem that interferes with reading, watching television, or performing other daily activities.

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Punctal plugs help keep more of your natural tears lubricating your eyes

Keeping more of your tears reduces symptoms

Dry Eyes Eye with Dry Spots

Eye with Dry Spots

Tears are made of water, salts, and fat. All need to be in the right concentration to lubricate the eyes well. To detect dryness we stain the eye with fluorescein and observe it with a blue light. The areas turning green are the dry spots. As dry spots increase the vision can be reduced.  Initial treatment is with artificial tears, but often more is needed to improve symptoms.

Dry Eye Collagen Plugs

Collagen Plugs

Collagen short term plugs dissolve in about one week and long term plugs in about four months. They are very comfortable because they fit inside the duct. We start with the short term. If well tolerated we then insert the long term plugs.


Silicone Plugs

Silicone permanent plugs have an outer visible section which sometimes causes discomfort. They are reserved for severe cases of Dry Eyes.

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Dry Eye Treatments

We know you want to have comfortable eyes!

Dry Eyes can occur from hormonal changes that occur with ageing, medications used for colds or allergies, dry environment (wind, air conditioning), exposure to the sun, and smoking or second-hand smoke exposure.

We have experience treating all the causes of dry eyes.

During the complete history and exam and we identify conditions such as Ectropion, infections and Allergic Conjunctivitis, which mimic the Dry Eye symptoms and have different treatments.

We start with over-the-counter artificial tears. Some patients need antibiotics, antiseptic soaps, or anti-allergic medications. We like to keep our patients active depending the least possible on medications.

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Am I a Candidate?

Dry eyes often improve with plugs when the symptoms are interfering with at least one daily activity and are not relived by artificial tears.

Ectropion Surgery may be a good option for if your droopy lower eyelids are causing these symptoms.

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Before the Operation

No special planning is needed for this procedure. Most of the time they are inserted the same day as the recommendation is made by one of our doctors.

Our friendly staff is available to help you with financial arrangements and answer any questions.


The Procedure

Plug insertion is performed in the exam room with anesthetic drops. The procedure takes only a few minutes. Our friendly staff is available to help you with financial arrangements and answer any questions.


After Your Operation

You can resume your daily activities without any restrictions. Keep your appointments as recommended.


Insurance Coverage

For your convenience we accept many insurance plans.

Lacrimal plugs are usually covered by medical insurance carriers. If you do not have a medical insurance or your insurance will not cover the procedure we accept credit cards, checks, cash, and have different financing options to help you have whiter eyes and feel comfortable.