Borderline Glaucoma

Was your last eye exam over one year ago?

Borderline Glaucoma

If you answered “Yes” you may have borderline glaucoma.

Borderline Glaucomacan cause loss of vision or the inability to maintain healthy vision.

Borderline glaucoma is the early stage of Open Angle Glaucoma or Narrow Angle Glaucoma, two diseases that damage the nerve that connects the eye to the brain causing permanent loss of vision. Early detection and treatment are very important to maintain a healthy vision.

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Making an Early Diagnosis

Systematic follow up exams and tests are very important


Normal Vision

A comprehensive eye exam every year is important because this stage of the disease does not yet affect your vision.


Angle Exam

Using a slit lamp we examine the periphery of the iris (colored part of the eye) though where the fluid produced in the eye is released to determine if it is narrow or has a normal depth.


Eye Pressure

During a comprehensive annual eye exam we measure the pressure of your eyes. Normal is 21 or lower. If the pressure is 22 or higher you may have this disease.


Optic Nerve Exam

This normal optic nerve is full of nerve fibers sending messages to the brain. When 45% or more of these fibers are missing, you may have this disease.

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Making an early diagnosis

Taking steps to test for early signs

Once we make the diagnosis of Borderline Glaucoma, to detect changes and start treatment on time, we perform all the tests needed to diagnose Open Angle Glaucoma. As long as the test results are normal, all we have to do is repeat the tests every year.

If the angle is abnormal you may have Narrow Angle Glaucoma.

 If the angle is normal and the tests are abnormal you may have Open Angle Glaucoma.

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