Allergic Conjunctivitis

Do your eyes itch, burn, or tear?


If you answered “Yes” you may have ocular allergies.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Common symptoms of Allergic Conjunctivitis are eyes with an Itchy, burning,, and gritty, which become red and watery. There may be a stringy discharge and the eyelids can be puffy, especially in the morning. This disease may be seasonal or chronic.

Allergic Conjunctivitis is present in approximately 40% of adults and occurs when the clear layer of tissue lining the inside of the eyelids and covering the white of the eye becomes swollen or inflamed due to a reaction to mold, dander, pollen, or other allergy causing substances (also known as allergens).

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We can diagnose the cause of the allergy

Removing the allergy reduce the need for medications over time

Sublingual Therapy

Sublingual Therapy

The most modern approach is placing very low doses of the allergens under your tongue and increase the dose over months so your body develops tolerance and you no longer react when the allergen is present.

Airborne Allergies

Airborne Allergies

Pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites, and certain grass matter floats normally in the air.

Allergy Skin Tests

Skin Tests

A skin painless test checks your reaction to 60 substances to identify allergies to pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites and foods. In about 15 minutes we can determine to what you are allergic.

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Allergic Conjunctivitis Treatments

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First we diagnose to what airborne allergen your body is reacting.

Then we start a desensitizing your body to that allergen. This can be done by placing small doses of the allergens under your tongue or by injecting hem under your skin. Over time you will no longer react to those allergens.

In the mean time we treat the symptoms with weak steroid drops and anti-allergy medications.

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Am I a Candidate?

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms such as; itching, burning, red, watery eyes; puffy eyelids, especially in the morning; stringy discharge or a foreign body sensation you may be a candidate for Allergy Testing and Sublingual Treatment.

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Before the Test

No special planning is needed for this procedure. Most of the time the test is performed the same day as the recommendation is made by one of our doctors.

Our friendly staff is available to help you with financial arrangements and answer any questions.


The Test

Allergy Testing is performed in the Diagnostic Area by a trained technician. The skin of the forearm is cleaned and three plastic disposable instruments, each containing 10 different allergens, are applier to each forearm. You are tested with 60 different allergens at once. The doctor will discuss with you the treatment the following visit.


After the Test

You can resume your daily activities without any restrictions.

Keep your appointments as recommended.


Insurance Coverage

For your convenience we accept many insurance plans.

Allergy Testing is usually covered by medical insurance carriers.

If you do not have a medical insurance or your insurance will not cover the procedure we accept credit cards, checks, cash, and have different financing options to help you have whiter eyes and feel comfortable.