After Cataract Laser Surgery

Did you have cataract surgery?

Are you seeing blurred again?

If you answered “Yes,” you may have an opaque capsule often seen after cataract surgery

An Opaque Capsule can make your vision blurred

If you had cataract surgery and you are having difficulty seeing well enough to do one or more of your daily activities, even when wearing your glasses, you may have an opaque capsule. Symptoms include difficulty to read or sew, see signs in sunny days, watch television, or drive at night.

You may feel as if the cataract has come back because you see blurred or have problems with bright lights and glare.

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An opaque capsule can reduce vision

Regain your lost vision


Open Capsule

Once the capsule is opened with a laser the vision will return to its unhindered state.


Opaque Capsule

The cataract is held by a thin capsule. Once the cataract is removed, the capsule is used to anchor the implant in place. This capsule can become opaque and hinder vision weeks to years after the cataract surgery.

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After Cataract Laser Surgery

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The cataract has a thin capsule around it inside the eye. When operated, the cataract is removed and is replaced with implants. The capsule heals holding the implant in place. Sometimes the healing process affects the center of the capsule. This reduces vision and the person cannot see as well as right after the cataract surgery.

We recommend cleaning or opening the opaque capsule when the patient has the symptoms described above, the capsule is opaque in the eye exam, and the vision has decreased.

Glare with bright lights or at night is a common symptom. We can determine how much glare reduces your vision with an instrument that allow us to measure what you see in a well it room, in a cloudy day, or in a sunny day.

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Am I a Candidate?

If you had cataract surgery and you are noticing that your vision is not as sharp as it was after the cataract surgery, you may have an opaque capsule. Don’t delay the decision to be examined.

Depending on your symptoms and the findings of your eye exam, our surgeons will recommend what is best procedure for you.

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Before the Procedure

Lasers require no special preparation. Buy the medications you will need after the laser. You may have breakfast or lunch before the laser. If you are using aspirin or anticoagulants, continue using them the day of surgery.

Come driving to the Laser Surgery Center, you will be able to drive back by yourself. If you need a laser treatment in both eyes, these will be scheduled for different days.

Our friendly staff is available to help you with financial arrangements and answer any questions.


The Procedure

Using anesthesia in drops, the pupil dilates and the opaque capsule is cleaned with a laser. The procedure takes a couple of minutes and afterwards, you can resume all of your daily activities.


After Your Procedure

Use the drops how we indicated. Since there are no cuts in the external part of the eye, you can resume immediately all your normal activities like washing, cleaning, exercises, to lower the head, to wash the head, to dye the hair, work on garden, swimming pool, sea or Jacuzzi.

Apply all the drops recommended in order to ensure excellent healing.

Do not miss your post-op appointments and feel free to call us for any reason if you need to see us earlier.


Insurance Coverage

For your convenience we accept many insurance plans.

After Cataract Laser Surgery is usually covered by insurances. If you do not have a medical insurance or your insurance will not cover the procedure we accept credit cards, checks, cash, and have different financing options to help you see better!