Free Eye Screening at Emilio Lopez Health Expo and Education Fair

Beraja Medical Institute offered free eye screening on Saturday November 22nd 2014. A team of six doctors from Beraja Medical Institute participated in the 8th annual Emilio Lopez Health Expo and Education Fair at Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami Dade. The fair provided health screenings for high blood pressure, weight loss, diabetes, glaucoma, and other common medical problems to an underserved area in Miami. It housed approximately 2000 guests, who were given Publix gift cards for attending.

The doctors arrived at 7:30 in the morning and provided vision screenings which consisted of checking distance and near vision in adults and children, cataract screenings , pterygium and retinal screenings in adults where necessary and also amblyopia and strabismus screenings in children. During the 7 hours the doctors volunteered they were able to see hundreds of patients, provide the above mentioned services and answer any and all questions the patients had related to vision problems. Attendants of the fair were able to participate in various events and screenings, including diabetes and blood pressure checks. There was music, food and many things to keep the whole family entertained.

Here at Beraja medical Institute our doctors take great pleasure in giving back to the community and meeting new people, thus it was very rewarding for them to spend the day helping the great people of Miami and participating in a health fair of that magnitude and quality.

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