Fly in for Your Consultation

Are you from out of town?

Do you want the best care?


If you answered “Yes,” we can help

What is the Fly-In Program?

This program is designed to assist our many patients from abroad who wish to come to our Institute for the latest technology and the best care.

Through our Fly-In Program you will have a Patient Counselors dedicated to assist you throughout the entire process. Before you come, your Patient Counselor will coordinate the review your record by one of our doctors so you have an idea of what can be done, then personally contact you to discuss their recommendations.

When you are ready, your Patient Counselor will assist you in scheduling your consultation, treatment or surgery, and follow up exam in the shortest amount of time to accommodate to your schedule. Our goal is for you to spend in our beautiful city only the time that is strictly necessary, so you can return to carry on with your activities.

If you desire, we can also work with your doctor abroad so you can have follow up locally when you return to your country.

Our Patient Counselor will be there to assist you from the moment you call, throughout your stay, and when you return home.

Make an Appointment

Please make an appointment with one of our specialists who will create a specialized plan to help you see, look, and feel your best!

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Fly in for Your Consultation and Getting Started

Contact us today!


Flying in for a second opinion and surgery is more common than ever. You can take the advantage of our experience and technology, in an Institute that is committed to providing you the best care.

Being able to communicate easily and send information electronically has made the entire process faster.

Here is how you can start your journey to see, look, and feel great!!

  1. Call our Patient Counselor to start the process
  2. Request a copy of your records from your doctor
  3. Write a brief description of your problem
  4. Include at the top of the cover sheet “Attention Record Review Request / Beraja Medical Institute”, then your name, email, and telephone where you can be reached.
  5. Speak with our Patient Counselor to get instructions of how to upload your medical information is a secure and confidential manner.
  6. Upload the information and our Patient Counselor will confirm that your information was received.

If you have any questions, call us. We are here to help!

Call: 786-899-2516