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Do your eye lids stick together in the mornings or have yellow or white discharge?

If you answered “Yes” you may have droopy eyelids disease.

Droopy Lower Eyelids (Ectropion Repair)
Ectropion can leave your eyes exposed, unprotected, and can interfere with lubrication. Patients with ectropion feel their eyes dry, itchy, burning and with foreign body sensations. Some patients feel their eyes humid, with tears running down their cheeks, with yellow or white discharge or notice that the eye lids are stuck together in the mornings. All these symptoms cause discomfort when cooking, watching TV, reading, sowing, driving and many other activities you perform daily.


Ectropion can interfere with eye lubrication

The lower eyelid position is very important



Normal Lower Eyelid


Normal Healthy Vision. The normal eyelid cannot be separated far from the eye and returns to touch the globe in 1-2 seconds when gently pulled for five (5) seconds.



Lower Eyelid Laxity


Lower Eyelid Laxity or positive Snap Test exists when tugging the lid results in a lid separation that lasts seven (7) or more seconds. To do this test grab a hand held mirror, relax your forehead and facial muscles, blink, then look down into the mirror as if reading. Gently pull one lid down for five (5) seconds. After you release the lids it should return to its normal position in 1-2 seconds.



Increased Separation


Increased Separation occurs when the lower lid can be separated from the eye seven (7) or more millimeters.


Tests for droopy eyelids

When a patient has lower droopy eyelids with the above symptoms we first try artificial tears to see if their symptoms resolve completely. If not we perform obtain medical grade photographs to confirm the lower eyelid laxity and the increased separation of the eyelids.


BMI Ectropion Surgeons

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Dr. Ana Cristina Toro-Ortiz


Dr. Ana Cristina Toro-Ortiz

Dr. Joana Walh


Dr. Liliam-Diaz Velez

Dr. Joana Walh


Dr. Joana Walh

Dr. Victor Beraja


Dr. Victor Beraja

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Am I A Candidate?


Droopy lower eyelids require surgery when the symptoms are interfering with at least one daily activity, are not relived by artificial tears, and the Lower Eyelid Laxity and the Snap Test are positive.

A cosmetic lower blepharoplasty may be a good option for you if the droopy lower eyelids do not cause symptoms and you wish to look younger by removing the excess skin.

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Before the Operation


Our anesthesiologist’s recommendations are tailored to your needs. If you take aspirin or a blood thinner you may have to stop them after consulting with your physician. Come to the surgery center without having breakfast at the designated time. Make arrangements for someone to take you back home after the surgery since you will not be able to drive.

Our friendly staff is available to help you with financial arrangements and answer any questions.

The Procedure


Droopy eyelid surgery is virtually painless performed using local anesthesia, an intravenous sedative, and very small stiches. Our patients do not have to use patches so they can use their vision same day.

To correct the droopy lower eyelids we remove a wedge of skin from the outer corner of the eyelid with most of the fat. Then the skin is tightened horizontally using sutures. The excess skin and wrinkles are not removed because they are part of a different surgery (cosmetic surgery).

After Your Operation


The first day, apply cool water compresses four times a day for 15 minutes and maintain your head elevated. Sleep on your back for one week. Apply the ophthalmic antibiotic ointment in the suture line twice a day until you finish amount prescribed.

For two weeks do not swim, do gardening, or heavy exercise. Do other activities with caution. After this period you can return to your normal activities.
The day after the surgery please remain at home so we can contact you. Do not miss your post-op appointment and feel free to call us for any reason if you need to see us earlier.

Insurance Coverage


dollarLower eyelid surgery may be considered medically necessary when the goal of the surgery is to restore functional and normalcy to a structure that has been altered by trauma, infection, inflammation, degeneration, tumors, or congenital problems.

Lower eyelid surgical procedures are covered when performed to correct symptoms related to exposure not successfully treated with artificial tears.

Insurances do not cover this surgery when performed for the sole purpose of improving appearances.